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Agency: Creative Shop

Brand: Airbnb

Market: USA

Though we live in a connected world, we’re more divided than ever. Traveling has lost the human connection that once made taking a trip truly magical. In response to the changing climate, Airbnb built Trips on Airbnb: A platform to bring to life the many ways a personal connection - with hosts and other travelers - can enable a magical trip.

On November 17, Trips on Airbnb launched, including Airbnb Experiences, the world’s largest curation of unique travel experiences, hosted by real people in local communities. For the first time, travelers can book a trip to go surfing in LA, peruse private art collections in Paris, or hike Muir Woods with local nature enthusiasts who have built their life around the forest. Ultimately, Experiences grants us access to an unscripted, authentic, connection-centered way to travel.

Airbnb set out to spread the word about Airbnb Trips with a breakthrough, first-of-its kind concept for the launch. Targeting audiences who are interested in travel ages 18-49, the goal was to create an experience on Facebook that was as unique and groundbreaking as the platform itself.

Campaign Goals

  • Brand Awareness

Facebook Products Used

  • Video Ad