Global Winner



Agency: Dieste

Brand: The Wild Detectives

Market: USA

Brick and mortar bookstores have been in decline for quite some time now in part because of the rise of e-books and online retail giants such as Amazon. The Wild Detectives, a small bookstore in the heart of Dallas’ Bishop Arts District wanted a campaign that would create awareness of their physical store. The brief was simple: create a campaign that got people reading and talking about books. Since The Wild Detectives is such a small business, traditional mediums like television or print were definitely out of the question. We turned to Facebook as the main platform for the campaign in hopes of leveraging its potential for virality and for its cost-effectiveness.

The main objective of the campaign wasn't necessarily to lift sales directly but rather to create awareness of their brick and mortar store through a campaign that was fun and engaging. Secondary objectives included obtaining more likers for the page.

Although clickbait is almost universally hated, it works and not just on young people. People of all ages can't seem to resist the allure the information gap a clickbait creates. Which is why we decided to target people between the ages of 18 and up from the Dallas metro area. The idea to use clickbait on Facebook was not a coincidence, as Facebook is the platform where clickbait flourishes the most.

Campaign Goals

  • Brand Awareness
  • Local Awareness
  • Engagement

Facebook Products Used

  • Image (Photo) Ad
  • Promoted posts