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Agency: Leo Burnett Mexico

Brand: 4pelagatos

Market: Ecuador

A new digital journal, 4 pelagatos, was born in January 2016 out of the need for a free and independent press in Ecuador. Media and Society fear the consequences their government takes when criticized. To create a better relationship between our brand and the Ecuadorian Society we needed to break that fear.

This is why we needed a platform that made statements that represented our media, an action that could give a voice to everyone who was lacking one, where every action performed within the platform would generate new data and insights about the conversations Ecuadorians wanted to have.

The president of Ecuador, Rafael “Mashi” Correa has absolute control over media in that country, he broadcasts publicly more than any other president in the world.

Correa is the only voice that the people of Ecuador are allowed to listen after he confiscated a media group which represented 45 % of the national media. Once the government had control over the largest media group of Ecuador, they adopted a restrictive law called “Communication Law” which monitors and restricts opinions of journalists who oppose Correa’s government.

Three top journalists were forced out of their jobs because of the law and got together to open a new media outlet on January 2016, an online journal named “4 pelagatos” (The word Correa used to insult them).

They hired us to come up with an idea that would give Ecuadorians the opportunity to express their public opinions, boosting awareness for their journal at the same time.

Campaign Goals

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Video Views

Facebook Products Used

  • Video Link Ad