Global Winner

Shoes : Impossible



Brand: ABC-MART Korea

Market: South Korea

Challenge: ABC-MART is No.1 shoes multi-shop in Korea and selling various kinds of shoes. But most of consumers thought that ABC-MART only sells running shoes and sneakers. Thus, they had misconception on ABC-MART that it doesn’t sell shoes such as dress shoes, high heels, or even hiking shoes. The misconception hindered ABC-MART’s competitiveness as shoes multi-shop. This handicapped situation lead to position ABC-MART as No.2 in shoes store market, following Nike.

Audience: Target audience was Millenials, who feel brand’s philosophy by participating and sharing interesting ideas through Facebook. Korean millennials watch lots of contents everyday through Facebook. They also don’t move for ordinary, boring message. But they eagerly share and participate on interesting things. They are especially interested in contents which are asking their participation, valuable for society, and able to share with friends. So, based on their preference on social media and proactive characteristics, we thought millenials need ‘Brand playground’ in Facebook.

Objective: We wanted to break the misconception of people that ABC-MART only sells running shoes and sneakers. And we planned to make the new awareness that ABC-MART sells ‘All the shoes in the world’, which is the ABC-MART’s brand slogan.

Campaign Goals

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Conversions

Facebook Products Used

  • Video Ad