Global Winner

Pocket Patrol


Agency: Leo Burnett

Brand: Samsung Australia

Market: Australia

Our brief was to demonstrate the power of Samsung’s technology by bringing about a positive change.

The campaign objective was not about sales targets or product awareness instead it’s shifted towards driving positive brand sentiment/’brand love’ with humans of all ages. We knew this had to be beyond just a marketing campaign, this had to impact culture in way like never before.

Our strategy was informed by the current situation on Australian beaches with statistics showing 70% of Australians can’t identify one of the biggest hidden dangers. Rip currents.

Resulting in 11,000 rescues and 21 deaths each year.

The common myth is that it is just tourists who can’t swim that get caught in rips. However, the reality is that the biggest fatality group is over-confident males aged 25-50.

Little had changed in beach safety education in decades and we saw an opportunity to help both life savers do their job and also educate beachgoers on the dangers.

Campaign Goals

  • Local Awareness
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Brand Love

Facebook Products Used

  • Carousel Ad
  • Video Ad
  • 360 Video Ad
  • Image (Photo)