Award Categories

We believe the mark of great creative work is how it moves people. This year, the Facebook Awards recognize the work on our platforms that made people laugh, cry, love, wow and act.


This is the work that made us laugh—the work that captured our attention, got us to crack a smile, and caused serious LOLs. It made us feel good and took humor to another level.


This is the work that made us cry—the work that got us all emotional, inspired compassion, and helped us see things differently. It made us think and connected with audiences through storytelling.


This is the work that made us fall in love with a brand—the work that spoke to us where it counts. It won our hearts and improved brand sentiment and perception.


This is the work that wowed us—the work marked by innovation. It made our jaws drop and forged new paths for a brand’s presence on our platforms.


This is the work that moved us to act—the work that woke us up and made us do something. It inspired action and had a measurable impact on sales or related metrics.